Wood of all kinds


One of the most popular types of yard enclosures, wood fencing combines the best in both security and aesthetics. It offers the strength and durability you demand, all while infusing your yard with a simple elegance at the same time.

At Natchez Fence, we offer a variety of custom wood fencing solutions, from ornate to traditional, to residences throughout Natchez and the Vidalia area. We handle new fencing installations and repairs, and work with you to design an enclosure that gives you privacy, controls outside noise and protects your home.

Not only is wooden fencing an economical option, it’s also highly customizable. Choose from dozens of designs and styles, including picket patterns, custom lattice and more. We can also alter your fence’s color with attractive stains and treatments. You tell us more about the look and feel you have in mind, and our team will make it happen.


Wrought iron


Provide your property with the ultimate in security while enjoying the beauty, appeal, and warmth of the old world with the durable and attractive fences from Natchez Fence. The fences we offer are available in a virtually unlimited variety of heights, designs, and applications. Whether you're looking to enclose a pool or deck, add a stair rail or balcony to your property, or enclose your entire yard.

When it comes to iron fencing, you should never settle for anything less than the best. We take pride in fabricating most of our wrought iron fences on-site, however prefabricated panels with special finishes are also available. Whether you need a standard painted finish or a permanent powder coat finish, you'll find them here in a broad selection of choices that can add both value and beauty to your home.




A popular choice for backyards, pool areas and other outdoor living spaces, aluminum fencing complements your home’s landscaping while also adding long-term value to your property.

Aluminum fencing looks great in yard spaces of all shapes and sizes. At Natchez Fence, we build using fence sections that are rackable, meaning they easily adjust to hills and inclines for a seamless and gap-free appearance. A more affordable alternative to traditional wrought iron, aluminum fencing also requires less maintenance. The aluminum used receives multiple protective coats during manufacturing, so you never need to re-paint.


Chain link


Chain Link is a durable fence system and is offered in several varieties. Chain-link is both an economical and secure way to protect children and pets. It provides security while allowing homeowners to see through it. Choose from durable Galvanized or Vinyl coated Chain Link systems that are available to suit your particular fence needs. Vinyl color-coated options can make chain-link fence practically blend into the landscape around it.

Black, green, and brown are most often used to minimize the presence of the fence.   Chain Link fences are also used around pools since the open weave of chain-link allows a see-through protective barrier for adults to monitor the activity around the pool area.




Vinyl fencing is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of home fencing. Customers love it because it’s attractive and hassle-free, requiring very little maintenance to maintain a beautiful appearance.

At Natchez Fence, we build custom vinyl fences using the highest quality materials. Our high grade vinyl will never rot, rust, chip or fade. And since no long-term maintenance is required, you’ll save money by avoiding repairs and upkeep. Vinyl fences are also highly customizable. We offer several different styles, from picket fencing to privacy fencing, and can design yours as the perfect complement to your home.